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Seijgraaf Consultancy BV


Seijgraaf BV, established 1985, is 100% owner of Seijgraaf Consultancy. Seijgraaf Consultancy is 100% shareholder of IHC Consultancy (founded in 2005, Netherlands) and is 51,7% shareholder of IHC Switzerland (founded in 2015). In 2018 Seijgraaf Consultancy BV merged with HEAP Research BV and the company Seijgraaf Advies Groep BV is the holding organization.

We invested in the development of a network with stakeholders by being many years chairman of professional organizations of manufacturers (Chairman of Fitek and SOMT- umbrella organization of manufactures of medtech), healthcare providers like dentists (ANT) a home healthcare organization and a patient organization. With these positions access to all the relevant stakeholders has been easy.

About Clients

Since 1985 Seijgraaf Consultancy served more then 600 unique clients and did far more then 2000 projects. The most of our new assignments arise from existing customers as we invest in long term relationships. We know our customers and the customers do know us. Customers are manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech products from the BeNeLux and abroad.

Most of our clients are international in the mid to big size sector, usually with capabilities of market access on their own but in having a need for specific knowledge and or networks.

Management & Staff

  • The managing directors are Ron de Graaff, LLM and Frans van Andel, Msc, MPH, PhD.

  • Saeed Sadighi PhD, MBA, BSc: Senior Project Manager and Business development (self employed).

  • Furthermore 4 people on the payrol (FTE 1,2).


Seijgraaf Consultancy is linked to regional networks as BOM, LIOF, OOST NV, the Dutch NFIA and working with embassies/agencies from Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, UK and USA.

HEAP Research BV


HEAP Research BV established 1993, merged with Seijgraaf Consultancy BV in 2018. The vision and mission are organizing global market access and economics of medicines and MedTech and international restructuring of healthcare finance systems and delivery systems.

HEAP Research invested in relationships with international organizations and agencies like the EU, the World Bank, the World Health Organization and the governments of The Netherlands, the UK, Denmark and Sweden.


Since 1993 HEAP Research served customers with more then 500 projects in market access and more then 200 projects in international healthcare issues. All these projects give a lot a know-how, data and new insights. Customers are manufacturers and or distributors of pharmaceutical, biotech, and MedTech products. Furthermore international agencies as the EU, ADB, bilateral programmes as well as WHO, GAVI Alliance, as well as professional medical organizations and patient organizations.


HEAP together with Seijgraaf Consultancy is linked to regional networks as BOM, LIOF, OOST NV, the Dutch NFIA and working with embassies/agencies from Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, UK and USA. Furthermore HEAP is participating in professional organizations in market access of pharmaceutcial and medtech economics, international industry meetings and international agencies like WHO etc.

IHC Switzerland Sarl


Founded in 2012 in Klagenfurt, Austria as a subsidiary of IHC Netherlands, and moved to Switzerland in 2015.

IHC Switzerland invested in the development of a network in Austria and furthermore professionalized the partner cooperation with partners in several European countries, Australia and the USA. This cooperation is the basis for successful advisory work with regard to MA issues for our customers in European countries: we offer always hands-on assistance to develop briefing and submission packages and lead communication with regulatory agencies, payers, KOL’s etc.


Customers have their origin in different European countries and Australia and the USA, and 100 % of the income comes from market access activities for international companies in pharma and medical devices.


In Austria IHC participates in Life Science Austria LISA Vienna, Austrian Business Agency ABA and Austria Wirtschaftservice AWS in Vienna. Also in Clusterland OberÖsterreich in Linz.

Asgard Consulting SLU


Founded in 2006 by Sergio M Gil Puy, Pharmacist.

Main activities in healthcare are business development projects, specially focused on support for strategic international expansion, new opportunity areas and support from/to Southern Europe. Selection of distributors and partners in Southern Europe.


Customers are from the local and the international market within Medical Devices and Pharma industries mixed of small (60%) and big corporations (40%) seeking for advice. More tan 90% of the income originated from international customers.


OAHealth helps companies set themselves apart from the competition and make their product portfolios a source of innovation to secure their long-term success. The medicinal products/orphan drugs market is subject to intense competitive pressure. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies face the constant challenge of launching new products in a market facing challenges related to market access and reimbursement/tenders. Pharmaceutical companies face a constant challenge and need to tackle the issue of finding the right solution to this situation, OAHealth is your specialist to help your market share grow.

As a pharmaceutical consulting firm, we provide our clients with strategic advice to optimize their orphan drugs / Rx portfolios and uncover potential. We jointly develop scientific product ideas and help make them ready for the market. If needed, we search for, find and broker appropriate licenses, projects, and contract manufacturers internationally and in all segments, including medicinal products, medical devices, biocides, food supplements, foods for special medical purposes and cosmeceuticals. We know the market, analyze strengths and weaknesses using comparative figures and key performance indicators, and assess opportunities in their context. In doing so, we support growth with sustainable, future-ready concepts.

OAHealth supports clients in developing, manufacturing and marketing medicinal products, in ensuring medicinal product safety across the entire life cycle – and in achieving economic success. We develop products with added value and create legally viable strategies – for both Rx and orphan drugs medicinal products. Our teams of specialists for medical and regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and pharmaceutical quality management prepare CTD dossiers, look after marketing authorizations and guarantee pharmacovigilance. We audit and evaluate quality management systems and perform GMP audits.

We also take over legally prescribed roles of responsibility and act as a qualified person for pharmacovigilance (24/7), information officer, a qualified person or The possible continued application of existing marketing authorizations and declarations of conformity.

Through our BRD Pharma, we  take on all the duties and responsibilities of a marketing authorization holder for manufacturers and distributors, either for a specific period of time or permanently, depending on your needs.

This service is ideal for all manufacturers and distributors that:

  • Need a comprehensive Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant quality management system and pharmacovigilance system without delay

  • Want to apply for marketing authorisation procedures, particularly mutual recognition procedures (MRP) and decentralised procedures (DCP) easily using an external marketing authorisation holder

  • Would require attractive submission periods (time slots) from regulatory authorities in the European Union

  • Want to market medicinal products and/or distribute investigational medicinal products in the European Union as manufacturers from non-EU member states (Switzerland, United States, etc)

  • Want to change their portfolio by buying or selling marketing authorisations and dossiers or co-distribution agreements confidentially through a third party

KC HealthCare Consulting

‘Katrien Coppens is industrial pharmacist and has more then 12 years of experience in several pharmaceutical companies. As a radio-pharmacist, she started her career as responsible pharmacist in a production site of radioactive diagnostics. For several years she built up her knowledge and experience in quality assurance, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and pricing and reimbursement for medicines and medical devices in the BeNeLux. Two years ago Katrien started her own consultancy business, KC HealthCare Consulting and is committed to deliver value and quality through objective and effective advice to clients on all matters related to obtaining and maintaining access to market.’