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About Us

Seijgraaf Consultancy is the perfect party to answer all your questions in the area of reimbursement and market access in healthcare in the Netherlands and other European countries. Our company combines a thorough knowledge of healthcare systems with many years of experience.

Seijgraaf Advies Groep BV (Seijgraaf Advisory Group SAG) is the holding organization of seven life sciences companies. These companies are working together and using the specific skills, the specific know-how and the long experience of all the partners.

Seijgraaf Consultancy BV, HEAP Research BV, IHC Switzerland Sarl and Asgard Consulting SLU are flagship network of four life sciences companies, committed to helping Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medtech businesses, from start-up to multinational.

Seijgraaf Consultancy (established 1985) is a shareholder in IHC Switzerland (established as IHC Netherlands in 2005) and merged with HEAP Research (established 1993). HEAP Research is a shareholder of PPI HC ltd. IHC and PPI are both global market access companies.  The four companies mentioned above joined SAG in order to create a strong synergy improving services for our national and international clients.


In all the projects done all together more then 3000 – we have gathered a lot of know-how and data. The networks we have explored, developped and participate in today are numerous and priceless.